Oli’s extensive compositions form a wide variety of material from live contemporary folk and Jazz ensemble music to electronic minimalist music mainly used as a backing track for contemporary dance companies to use in performances.

Most of Oli’s current works are composed for the folk trio, "Cupola", arranged for the following selection of instruments: Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, two Melodeons, Cahon, Fiddle, Viola and Hurdy-gurdy. These pieces are entitled:

  • Wembury Break (listen)
  • Squeakers (audio coming soon)
  • The Neglected Bicycle (audio coming soon)

He is also composing for three Ceilidh Bands; DanceCupola, Triptych and Mine’s a Pint on a regular basis, using the similar instrumentation with the addition of a Mandola, Accoustic Guitar and Bass Guitar. These pieces are entitled:

One of Oli’s more recent pieces "The Wrong Jeans" was performed at Loughborough Folk Festival as part of the Distil project, an initiative to give professional adventurous musicians the opportunity to explore a wide range of musical styles and collaborate with worldwide musicians they might not otherwise get the chance to work with.

"The Wrong Jeans" used techniques of blurring the boundaries between Folk, Jazz and Contemporary Classical music. He sectioned the piece into three contrasting movements (similar to a classical concerto) varying styles between contemporary folk riffs intertwined with jazz funk rhythms using the following instrumentation: Oboe, Melodeon, Concertina, Fiddle, Viola, Cello, Double Bass and Cahon.

With Oli’s diverse background in music he has also created pieces which have blurred the boundaries between recorded and live music by creating a contemporary soundtrack with live musicians playing over the top of it at particular sections within the piece.

Oli now makes new compositions from improvisation when accompanying contemporary dance classes, currently influenced by World, Folk and Jazz music.






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Sat 28th Nov - Steamchicken - Berkshire Bedlams Ceilidh

Sat 5th Dec - David Gibb Band - Barbour Institute, Tattenhall

Sat 5th Dec - Steamchicken - Coventry Playford Ceilidh

Sun 6th Dec - David Gibb Band - Kelsall Methodist Church

Wed 16th Dec - Cupola - Ely Folk Club

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