Oli is proud to be working with a number of very talented bands which are listed below.

Concert Ensembles


Oli currently works with a new exciting folk trio "Cupola" playing Soprano Sax, Clarinet, Melodeon, Cajon and singing backing vocals. Cupola perform across the U.K. and the world, mainly at Folk and International Festivals, playing new tracks composed by Oli and newly arranged traditional works. Some of these tracks can be heard on the Composition page.


Another form derived from Cupola comes "Cupola:Ward", collaborating the fine talents of Lucy Ward, a singer/songwriter from Derbyshire and Cupola’s intricate instrumental arrangements and bringing together four part harmaony. Their songs are both traditional and self penned with detailed intricate arrangements.


New line up to be announced soon! Check back here for further information soon

Ceilidh Bands


Cupola have now branched out to create "DanceCupola", a groovy 5 piece ceilidh band with a back line of Bass and Mandola underpinning the distinctive and exciting music from the trio, Cupola. Oli’s composition work is also showcased in this line-up too, and they perform at a range of festivals and ceilidh series across the country.


Triptych (pronounced "Trip-tick") are a new ceilidh band who made their debut at the Anchor gardens, as part of Sidmouth Folk Week 2011. They draw their material from a variety of sources; largely English and English-style tunes (including some self-penned), but their search for awesome tunes has also taken them further in to Europe – their set list currently includes a waltz from Belgium and a Swedish schottis!

Mine's A Pint

Mine’s a Pint are an energetic young ceilidh band based in the midlands, playing tunes from across the British Iles (and sometimes beyond) as well as some self penned tunes. The band creates a lively atmosphere for a dance through its exciting arrangements and invigourating performances. The line up for this band consists of a back line of Drums, Bass and Guitar with lead instruments on Soprano Sax, Melodeon and Fiddle.






Kirsty Bromley

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Upcoming Gigs

Sat 28th Nov - Steamchicken - Berkshire Bedlams Ceilidh

Sat 5th Dec - David Gibb Band - Barbour Institute, Tattenhall

Sat 5th Dec - Steamchicken - Coventry Playford Ceilidh

Sun 6th Dec - David Gibb Band - Kelsall Methodist Church

Wed 16th Dec - Cupola - Ely Folk Club

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